Local Papers Have Closed. Use Every Door Direct Mail to Market Your Business

empty local newspaper stands following closures

In July 2016, Metro Community Papers in WNY closed leaving small business owners, contractors and Metro Community News advertisers without cost-effective, local advertising solutions. Many are placing their ads in pricey publications with no results!

Newspaper circulation has consistently fallen year after year and on-line digital advertising is falling short of expectations.

Casting a wide net to reach potential customers seldom works – reach your customers in a targeted, planned and effective manner using Every Door Direct Mail or targeted Bulk Mail.

Evenhouse Printing solves this problem using Every Door Direct Mail and their 16 Years of experience in Design, Print, Finishing and Mailing Services

Using Every Door Direct Mail, you can target delivery by zip code or specific postal routes. You can view all of the routes at USPS.com and plan your mailing based on location, median age and household income. Discover your postage costs immediately to help plan your budget.

Every Door Direct Mail and Bulk Mail Use is Skyrocketing

Every Door Direct Mail and Presorted Bulk Mail have surpassed Stamped First Class mail at the United States Post Office for the last 11 years.

United States Postal Service Mail Volume, 2015

Professional mailers and/or large organizations that perform their own processed mail. This mail includes First Class, First Class Presort and Standard Bulk mail (Every Door Direct Mail) 142.4 Billion
Stamped mail used by individuals and small business 23.6 Billion
Source: https://about.usps.com/who-we-are/postal-facts/decade-of-facts-and-figures.htm
"In 2005, the volume of Standard (Advertising) Mail surpassed the volume of the Postal Service’s flagship product, First-Class Mail, for the first time."
United States Postal Service, Office of the Inspector Generals - uspsoig.gov

"Ballou Paving & Sealing has used Evenhouse Printing for the past few years to mail out our yearly postcards. They were so amazing to work with!! They provided us with options for the design of the postcard and were very helpful with the wording we use on the mailings...We have had such a positive response from our customers, that we wish we would have done this sooner!"
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We've Seen the Success

At Evenhouse Printing, we have proven to ourselves and for many customers the value of Every Door Direct and Bulk Mail to reach a targeted customer base.

Customers have given us direct feedback on the value they received using Every Door Direct Mail and Bulk Mail campaigns. The majority of our mailing customers work with us monthly, quarterly and annually to send their message.

Call Robin Evenhouse at Evenhouse Printing at 716-649-2666 for more information. Evenhouse Printing is family owned and operated - we are located in Hamburg, NY.

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Every Door Direct Mail - August 2016

Sample Mailing Route Map

A sample mailing route map for an Every Door Direct Mail campaign in Orchard Park, NY.

Start planning your routes at USPS.com

Sample Mailing Routes

Mailing Routes can be customized by zipcode, population, median age, income and more. Evenhouse Printing can help you find the best mailing routes for you business. Below are some sample routes for a business advertising in Orchard Park, NY.

Route Total Age 25-44 Income Postage
14127-C003 455 17% $79.43k $80.08
14127-C013 524 19% $104.33k $92.22
14127-C010 533 24% $51.77k $93.81
14127-R002 720 19% $69.00k $126.72
14127-R006 729 24% $51.48k $128.30

Sample Pricing for Design Work and Printing

Pricing includes high Quality design work, print full color on both sides on gloss or matte cover stock and measure 6.125 x 11 inches (including bleed). They are also bundled in 50's for easy drop off to the post office. This is solid pricing on our 6.125 x 11 inch post cards - not bait and switch. Pricing can be reduced by using less colors or can be increased by using larger sizes.

Location Pieces Design Print (+ tax) Every Door Direct Postage
Eden NY 14057 500 $150.00 $355.00 $95.74 map
Hamburg NY 14075 1,000 $150.00 $530.00 $176.35 map
Lackawanna NY 14218 2,000 $150.00 $724.99 $334.75 map
West Seneca NY 14224 3,000 $150.00 $890.00 $534.34 map
Orchard Park NY 14127 4,000 $150.00 $1075.00 $699.42 map
East Aurora NY 14052 5,000 $150.00 $1224.99 $868.38 map

Compare Postage Costs and Requirements

Every Door Direct:
  • .176 cents each
  • Must use complete mailing route. Each home or business on route gets a postcard. No names or addresses needed.
  • One of these dimensions must be fulfilled: Length must be greater than 10.5", or Height must be greater than 6.125"
  • Processing of databases and personalization (Variable Printing) is an additional charge.
Standard Bulk Postcard or Letter size:
  • .246 cents each
  • Must have a database of addresses. Names are optional
  • Minimum height size 3.5" up to 6" and Minimum width is 5" up to 11.5"
Presort First Class - Postcard or Letter size:
  • .42 cents each
  • Must have a database of addresses. Names are optional
  • Minimum height size 3.5" up to 6" and Minimum width is 5" up to 11.5"
First Class - Postcard or Letter size:
  • .47 cents each
  • Must have a database of addresses. Names are optional
  • Minimum height size 3.5" up to 6" and Minimum width is 5" up to 11.5"

Tips on How To Advertise Using Every Door Direct Mail